Atherosclerosis Risk Reduction Program



      The Atherosclerosis Risk Reduction Program seeks to advance excellence and innovation in vascular health. Our mission has many aspects:

  • Promote, encourage and improve the dissemination of knowledge concerning risk reduction in patients with atherosclerosis especially these with peripheral arterial disease (PAD).
  • Provide education for health providers in diagnosing and managing patients with PAD.
  • Promote clinical and basic research in PAD risk reduction.

Proposed Research Projects:

      Two research projects are proposed at the initial stage of the Atherosclerosis Risk Reduction Program and few will follow after determining the needs. The proposed projects are:

  • National Study to identify the knowledge and action gaps of practicing physicians in Saudi Arabia towards risk reduction therapies.
  • Creation of databases at various vascular centers in Saudi Arabia for patients with PAD. These databases can serve as audit for the different services to identify care gaps. In addition, collecting these databases from each center into a central database may act as the first step in creating a Nation PAD Registry.

Steering Committee:

The steering committee for the Atherosclerosis Risk Reduction Program includes the following members:

  • Moderator: Dr Mohammed Al-Omran.
  • Co-moderators for Riyadh: Dr Badr Aljabri
  • Co-moderator for the Eastern province: Dr Ghaith Khougeer
  • Co-moderator for the Western province: Dr Mahmoud Salah
  • Members: Dr Basil Safi, Dr Mohammed Bafraj, Dr MA Elsharawy


The official site:


The official site for the Atherosclerosis Risk Reduction Program is:



The Atherosclerosis Risk Reduction Program is based on a full collaborative work between the Saudi Society for Vascular Surgery (SSVS) and sanofi-aventis. Sanofi-aventis is fully sponsoring this program. The conduct of research, continuing medical education and scientific meetings will be based on the best available scientific evidence. Research results and publications from this program will be the property of this program and the financial support will be declared in all scientific presentations and publications.