About Us

The Saudi Society for Vascular Surgery (SSVS) is a scientific society established under the supervision of King Abdullaziz University in accordance to the organizing regulations for the scientific societies in the Saudi universities. SSVS seeks to advance excellence and innovation in vascular health through education, advocacy, research, awareness, and providing consultation, scientific materials and practical guidelines for public and private sectors.


The objectives of the Saudi Society for Vascular Surgery include the following:

1-     Promote, encourage and improve the dissemination of knowledge concerning all aspects of vascular disease and health and to promote the development and implementation of new technology for diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease.

2-     Provide education for vascular surgeons in new science, surgical techniques and practice.

3-     Address scientific, social, economic, ethical and legal issues that relate to vascular surgery

4-     Promote and improve the diagnosis and management of patients with vascular disease.

5-     Facilitate the exchange of the scientific materials related to vascular surgery between local and international institutes and organizations.


The activities of the SSVS are directed to achieve the objectives which include:

1-     Promote and encourage clinical and basic research in vascular disease.

2-     Compose and translate scientific references related to vascular disease and health.

3-     Development of evidence-based practice guidelines.

4-     Organize symposia, seminars and courses.

5-     Publish scientific studies, periodicals and pamphlets.

6-     Participate in local and international medical exhibitions and symposia.

7-     Invite world authorities in the field of vascular disease and health to participate in the SSVS activities.

8-     Organize mini-scholarships for SSVS members to attend international courses and symposia



There shall be three classes of members: Active Members, Honorary Members and Associate Members.

1-Active Members:

Physicians having an active interest in vascular diseases and their treatment, an interest in vascular research and who:

  1. a)Hold a certificate in vascular surgery from the Saudi Council of Health Specialist or another comparable professional body as prescribed in the Rules.
  2. b)Pay fees, dues and assessment.
  3. c)Pass the conditions required by the executive committee.
  4. d)Elected by the executive committee

2- Honorary Members:

Persons who have made an outstanding contribution to the SSVS either in form of research, monetary or immaterial services can be granted an honorary membership. This membership is granted by a decision of the general assembly. Honorary members are exempt from paying subscription fees and are allowed to attend and participate in the sessions of the general assembly and its different committees. However, Honorary members shall not be entitled to vote

3- Associate Members:

Any person interested in vascular diseases shall be eligible to be elected to Associate member. That can include:

  1. a)Medical students, residents and fellows.
  2. b)Persons who have interest in vascular health but don’t have the required certificate to be an active member.

Associate members are exempt from 50% of the annual subscription fees and are allowed to attend and participate in the sessions of the general assembly and its different committees. However, Associate members shall not be entitled to vote.